Damian Helliwell

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This album was recorded over seven days on the Isle of Eigg, in the relaxing atmosphere of Damian’s beautiful newly built straw bale studio. It was recorded entirely live without overdubs to capture the true natural energy of the music. The album was also recorded in the ancient A= 432hz Pythagorean tuning of perfect fifths as opposed to the standard A=440 hz equal temperament tuning used today. The produces a much lusher resonant sound utilizing the full harmonic spectrum of overtones and at the quantum level is believed to have a more powerful vibrational energy to it. 
The material was arranged partly by Damian and partly by the incredible musicians collaborating on this project who put a tremendous amount of work into helping this music reach its full potential. Whilst the arrangements have great depth there was also as much space as possible left for improvisation and expression. 
Damian Helliwell - mandolin/ tenor Banjo
Eilidh Shaw -  Fiddle
Jen Hill - Double Bass
Andy Thorburn - Piano
Donald Hay - Percussion

Recorded in The Eigg Studio, Isle Of Eigg
Engineered by Joe Cormack
Produced and Mixed by Damian Helliwell
Mastered by Skye Mastering
This project was funded by Creative Scotland


Also Available on Bandcamp